Was a realistic
Minecraft server

What is happening?

Polar Galaxy is officially shutting down all of its services, pulling all support, and ending the production of any projects associated with us starting June 4th.

Until June 4th, you can join our Minecraft server and check out what we've done over the weeks, months, and years at `play.polargalaxy.com` using Minecraft version 1.11! Cracked accounts allowed.

If you would like to continue the work we were doing and purchase the full server files, please get in touch on our Discord (click to join) or by email: polargalaxymc@gmail.com.

- A semi-full archive including the world downloads and other resources will be uploaded after June 4th if no one attempts to continue this project.
- A limited amount of people, incl. staff and/or former staff will receive a full backup.
- MC-Goggles along with EmojiX will be decoupled from our brand and all ownership rights will go to the most active contributor and creator.
- EmojiX has been deprecated and all support has been pulled. MC-Goggles are still supported by the new owner.
- The domain and therefore the website will stop working on October 8th, 2017 because of the domain expiration date.
- The website will still be accessible after the domain expires at polargalaxymc.netlify.com
- Our Discord server will be repurposed. (click to join)

How did this happen?

To put it simply: time, lack of dedication, and issues within the group forced us to make this decision.

Polar Galaxy was a Minecraft server, and briefly, a Minecraft network. It was originally started by the name of Guardian City with the vision of it becoming a realistic server. To build such a server, builders were needed and one extraordinary person by the name of Colby whom you can find with the pseudoname of MCmaster888 or Brick_Enterprise stepped up almost 2 years ago to do the unimaginable.

Our partner, who was taking care of administration duties, died. (Maybe not literally.) After a regular Friday night, the server went down along with my aforementioned former partner's account and shortly after, this decision was confirmed by the leaving of our founding team.

One more thing.

Thank you, everyone. I would especially like to thank some people who made Polar Galaxy great while it lasted.

- MCmaster888, the main man who helped build Polar Galaxy and Guardian City.
- Zyrille Sespene, the graphic designer that created the Happle mascot, a few designs, and helped immensely in the first few months of Polar Galaxy.
- mochiu, for sticking with me in the initial burst after launch.
- Discord, for providing a great platform for our community.
- Netlify, for providing a fully free web platform for open source projects and our organization.
- And everyone else who wasn't mentioned on this list. I did not forget you, no. However, these people worked their butts off to get on this list, which is why I had to give them a shoutout.

Thank you for the experiences, thank you for your criticism, love, and hate. You are what made the last 2 years special. -Mantas ✌️